t-MBA is an innovative Education Model Offered by Doga School through all its high school campuses and also available to all interested schools around the world. The vision of the t-MBA Model is to create more platforms for teachers, students, professionals, parents and anyone interested in t-MBA to share ideas, projects, and enrich their global knowledge.

dynamic-growthSeeking sustainable, profitable growth at the global level by encouraging relentless pursuit of our vision and speed of action with excitement in all of the chosen business activities.

empowerment-confidenceEmpowering our talented students, teachers and employees to take the initiative, to do what’s right and to implement their ideas. This empowerment brings self-confidence followed by happiness, as the main basis for life-long success.

student-involvementStriving for a social learning environment where freedom of speech, opportunity, openness, enthusiasm, diversity, teamwork, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding education experience.

innovative-driveFinding new ways in delivering solutions and values to our students, parents, employees, partners and shareowner.

visionaryAmining for leadership to establish sectors’ new standards and raise the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

excellence-in-educationDeveloping better learning and assessment methodologies to enhance and sharpen the students’ academic, interpersonal, career development, motor, creativity, innovation, organizational, and leadership skills.

integrityActing with honesty, respect and dedication to our values.



pearsonThe Pearson Assured service is one of the elements that sets t-MBA aside and in front of its competitors. Pearson, the world’s leading and most prestigious accrediting body, in partnership with Doga Schools ensure the t-MBA academic course is practiced at an outstanding level. For four consecutive years, t-MBA has been assured as a “School in Excellence” of Quality. The policies in this section outline some of the procedures and reports we use to deliver t-MBA to our students at the best standard possible, and safeguard our students as well as our employees. 

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Pearson Assured is a service that assures the quality of the processes underpinning the design, delivery, quality assurance and/or assessment of the organisation’s own education or training programmes. This service quality assures the organisation’s processes, not specific qualifications or training programmes offered by Doğa Colleges.