2015 t-MBA Ahu Dhabi Summit

Doga Schools added the t-MBA Summit that took place in Abu Dhabi on 14th of November 2015 to the long list of t-MBA Summits it has so far organized in every part of the world. At the summit themed “Technology’s Place in Education” that was attended by academics, Melis Ayugur, the Honorary International Relations President […]

World Wide Network of Learning San Marcos College & Career Expo, Oct. 14

SAN MARCOS, CALIF. (Oct. 14, 2015) – More than 80 San Marcos Unified School District high school students were presented with many career & college resources at the San Marcos College & Career Expo organized by the World Wide Network of Learning and California Community Colleges – San Diego Region on Wednesday, Oct. The San […]

Doga Schools’ Unique Education System Crowned With the t-MBA Diploma

Students who have t-MBA diploma accredited by Pearson, get 25 percent scholarship and have chance to take Exemption Exams on related lectures from İstanbul Bilgi University. Besides domestic opportunities, the dream of studying abroad becomes real. The t-MBA diploma gives chance students to enter numberless international universities, provides validity all around the world thanks to […]

Two Fabolous University Lectures and Teacher Training at Çamlıca Campus

Two Fabolous University Lectures and Teacher Training at Çamlıca Doğa Campus on the Fourth Day of the Summit Week. On the fourth day of the t-MBA Summit Week, the international students visited Camlıca Campus along with Doga students for a tour of the apartment complex turned school and two lectures given by well known professors from […]

t-MBA Community Day 2015

Second week activities of the t-MBA Summit started today at Kurtköy Doğa Campus with the participation of schools from Russia, Netherlands, Lebanon, Dubai, Finland and Germany. All the students gathered to prepare their stands where they advertised their country and school. After all the students met and became acquainted with each others schools and countries, […]

Debate Tournament at Ataşehir 2 Campus on the 5. Day of the t-MBA Summit Week

The students from Ataşehir 1, Ataşehir 2, Kartal, Kurtköy ve Çamlıca Doğa Campuses had deep arguments with the international students on hot topics like women’s rights, disarmament and death penalty. At the end of the day in which all participants received certificates, the best team of the tournament received an award and the best speaker […]

t-MBA Digital Workshop with International Students on the 4th Day of t-MBA Summit Week

Foreign guests who were at Kurtkoy campus on the 4th day of t-MBA Summit Week participated in two different activities. The first workshop started with Camlica Doga Campus student Gokhan Gorgulu’s t-MBA Digital presentation. While the students and teachers were being informed, at the same time they worked on a project given to them which they presented at the end of the workshop. […]

English Lesson and Folklore Workshop at Kartal Doğa Campus

The Russian and Dutch guests who came to Kartal Doğa Campus on the third day of the t-MBA Summit Week attended the English lesson of 10th graders and experienced a different method of teaching. After that they participated in Turkish traditional dances workshop with the folklore teacher and Turkish students. The day’s activities ended with […]

International Guests of The t-MBA Summit Week Have Begun Arriving

Foreign guests from Russia and the Netherlands came together in Kurtköy Doga campus just like every year and the first day they visited Tuzla Doga Science School. The guests whom saw the 3D printers, digital libraries and many other technological parts of the campus, couldn’t believe their eyes. The presentation of technological devices were made by […]

t-MBA from Mayor to Stars!

t-MBA Team has introduced t-MBA education model to many famous people while introducing  t-MBA education model in America. Melis Ayugur the t-MBA student council International Relations President  , has introduced t-MBA education model to Guy Kawasaki who is the author of more than 10 books on entrepreneurship and to Oscar winning Movie star Goldie Hawn.  […]

Doğa Schools Takes Part in SXSWedu

Doğa Schools t-MBA is taking part at one of the biggest education events in the world, SXSWEdu Conference in Austin Texas. The SXSWedu Conference is an event that encourages stakeholders from a variety of background to explore innovation in learning. t-MBA Student Council International Relations President, Melis Ayuğur. is proudly representing over 70.000 students of Doğa Schools at this […]

A ‘Freely’ Youth and Technology Talk with t-MBA Students

Bayraktar and Partners Founder and t-MBA teacher Özgür Bayraktar has met with t-MBA students on the ‘‘Internet Enrepreneurship Seminars’’ tour during which he visits 5 different campuses each day. Bayraktar and Partners founder and t-MBA teacher Özgür Bayraktar has broaden the horizons of young minds by sharing the 6 rules of achieving a successful internet entrepreneurship with […]

t-MBA Students Attended Lectures at Istanbul Bilgi University

As a t-MBA concept, Doğa Schools students who take management courses attend university level lectures and have a chance to strengthen their knowledge. Within the framework of “Delightful Management Courses” programme, t-MBA students from Bayrampasa, Avcilar, Bostanci and Acarkent campuses attended courses which were given by the professional academic tutors. Students took courses from the […]

Doga Students are Future Internet Entrepreneurs

Özgür Bayraktar, founder of Bayraktar & Partners and t-MBA teacher will explain 6 ways to generate successful internet entrepreneurship. Doğa School students include Internet Entrepreneurship as an additional subject to their early MBA careers. Özgür Bayraktar who is the founder of Bayraktar & Partners and t-MBA teacher will come together with the students at 5 […]

t-MBA Presents at BETT Show Secondary Arena

t-MBA students have been presenting t-MBA Digital for four days in BETT Show 2015, which is the biggest technology and education exhibition of the world, to thousands of visitors coming from various countries.  On the last day of the show Doga t-MBA students, t-MBA Digital students from Russia and GYN from the UK,  found a […]

t-MBA Receives “Excellence” From Pearson

For the third year in a row, Doga Schools’ t-MBA Education Model has received an excellence in education from the leading accreditation company, Pearson. t-MBA is the first educational model in Turkey to be assured by the global accrediting company, Pearson. t-MBA is an innovative education model in which the MBA (Master of Business Administration) […]

t-MBA students have completed their occupational observations in London!

Doga students as a part of t-MBA education model having the advantage of joining international exclusive business activities. The aim of t-MBA education model is preparing students to real business world from their high school period, hence the model also support students to advance their foreign language knowledge. In terms of occupational observation which is […]